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Why Sponsorship

Without sponsors, Cheryl’s Children’s Home would not be able to fulfill the mission to rescue children and raise them to be leaders in order to rebuild the Kenyan Nation. Committed sponsors ensure that they are able to give the holistic care that is a significant part of the ministry

Sponsor partners enable them to feed, clothe, give medical and spiritual care; ensure support of the loving houseparents who nurture the children in our care, and provide the means to hire quality teachers to educate them. The sponsorship department plays a vital role of fulfilling the mission.


  • It ensures that committed sponsors are raised by providing information about the program
  • To link the sponsor and the child. To facilitate a relationship between the two by managing both the sponsor records are carefully, ensuring that the correspondence can flow between the sponsors and the child, and making sure that each child receives gifts that sponsors may wish to send to allow happen.
  • Managing a database carefully, packaging letters to sponsors into envelopes answering questions, making sure that payment are up-to-date. These are not mundane when we remember that these are vital to ensure that relationship can develop between sponsors and a child they help support.

You can make a difference in one’s life by supporting Cheryl’s depending with your category of interest;

  1. Sponsor a child to pursue education.
  2. Support us with food, clothing and finances.
  3. Support a staff member/caregivers to meet basic needs.